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The Man Behind The Sign

How It All Started:

Where did we leave off... Ohh yea we had just come up with another design that was inspired by writing our last blog post. This week though we are going to change things up just a little bit. This is going to be another tale of memories which we will hold close to the heart for a long time to come. It's strange where and how memories come about so let's jump in.


The day was progressing just like any other day as of recent. The website is selling large amounts of Anti Donald tRump gear. Our social media is being just slaughtered by tRumpers. You know business as usual. As I am working and doing my normal 9 to 5, I see an email come in. Now let me tell you avid readers, this was no ordinary email.

As the War Machine Keeps Turning: tank protest

The email which I am so pleasantly surprised by is a rather well written (I must say so myself) but rather I might be putting this to lightly ANGRY CUSTOMER. Now upon initial investigation this customer claimed to have placed an order with us. However when we started to look for the records of the customer, we could not find any record of any sales, transaction or really anything. This is a common problem which we have been encountering more and more. Customers thinking they have placed an order with us, when in the end they have ordered a sub-par product from another company. You would be amazed how often this actually happens. These responses consume more than half of our support related business issues.

The True Plague anti donald trump clothing

When you are as so lucky as to find a small glimmer of success in this world people will always do what they can to take away from that success. We have recently been suffering from other companies hijacking our facebook ads. How they do this is they seek out all of our ads, create fake accounts, steal our logo and start posting to our customers. This unfortunately has resulted in massive amounts of lost revenue to our business. The fun does not stop there though; it's our customers who end up paying the price. The customer buys what they think is a wonderful anti Donald trump shirt from us, only to find out the person they purchased from was an impostor.

The Aftermath

politicoolclothing hot anti trump designs

At PolitiCoolClothing, we always stand behind our products. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Both Maggie and I know the hassles of buying inferior products online only to find that there is no customer service, way to return, or even get a refund. Maggie and myself find that particular situation as customers very unpleasant to say the least. That is the reason why we try to make all good attempts to provide a positive experience to each and every customer. One thing that we will not do, however, is stand behind our impostor's products. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we don't exactly find that statement to be true in all circumstances.

The Silver Lining citizen against trump hawaii oahu

So come to find out after lots of searching this very angry customer had actually purchased from our website. In efforts to keep his information private the customer had gone through an removed his contact information. This choice made it almost impossible to find his order. After due diligence and lots of searching his order was found. Now this complaint presented something that should not be overlooked. Some of the customer's complaints were just beyond common printing problems. Beyond that this complaint was much more than a simple suggestion, this was guidance as simple and pure as it could be, no matter if it was delivered in a moment of frustration. So because of this and some more due diligence, we decided to update all designs that needed a face lift. So really due to customer input, we now have a much better product that Maggie and myself feel even better about!

The customer was expecting the colors to pop a great deal more when he opened the package. This is a common problem experienced before wearing the shirt out in the sunlight. Could the colors pop more? Well to answer that, we outlined the orange on our shirts with a nice yellow border. We have received our first prints of these items, and they look amazing!


New Friends and Helpful Customers brothers / brothers in arms anti trump clothing

The true thing that has been found that really brings us joy is our customers. Our customers are what drive our business. For that reason and that reason alone Maggie and I would be absolute fools not to listen to them. If we did not listen to our customers we would not have nearly the number of bestselling designs which we do. Our customers make suggestions, and we try our very hardest to deliver on that request. Beyond the suggestions of making our business better, we have happened to spark friendships along the way. This was something that was very unexpected to say the least.


So with that long-winded story of an angry customer, let's get to the true selfish reward which Maggie and myself received. As stated above, after a day of protest, our customer not only said he was happy with our design, he sent us some of most amazing pictures we have happened to see. These were pictures of our customer wearing our shirt protesting against Donald tRump. This embodies everything we stand for in one simple picture. Standing up for what is right, Making your voice heard, and resisting at all costs!!!


Orange Lies Matter BLM Protest Hawaii

So here is a little more about the person behind the photo.

Eric Paul Shaffer has been writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for fifty years, so he's old. Fortunately, Veronica says he's cuter than ever.

He is author of seven books of poetry: Even Further West (2018); A Million-Dollar Bill (2016); Lahaina Noon (2005); Living at the Monastery, Working in the Kitchen (2001); Portable Planet (2000); RattleSnake Rider (1990); and Kindling: Poems from Two Poets (1988). His first novel Burn & Learn, or Memoirs of the Cenozoic Era was published in 2009.

Eric has published more than 500 poems in more than 300 reviews, journals, and magazines in America, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, England, India, Iran, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Scotland, and Wales.

Eric has received HawaiÔiÕs 2002 Elliot Cades Award for Literature, a 2006 Ka Palapala PoÔokela Book Award for Lahaina Noon, the 2009 James M. Vaughan Award for Poetry, and a 2019 Ka Palapala PoÔokela Book Award for Even Further West.

In 2018, his good friend Alice built a website for his literary work, using the humble designation of He posts an occasional blog there concerning literature (mostly poetry), politics, religion, and current events. His current favorite blog is linked below.

In August 2020, Eric will receive a promotion to Professor, a life-long goal. He teaches literature, composition, and creative writing and is often a guest and workshop presenter at local and national venues, such as the Jackson Hole Writers Conference and the KoÔolau Writers Workshop.

 Most of us spend more on pizza than on poetry every year, but poetry is more enriching, lasts longer, and doesn't cause weight gain, so please, make a contribution to literature and to your peace of mind by investing in one of Eric's books, as long as you're in quarantine anyway. After all, poetry is a window to this world, so take a good look.

LINKS For Eric Paul Shaffer:


Matching Coffee Mugs

             for Veronica

 At first light, a francolin calls in the field. The cat watches us wake,

speaking the moment our eyes open. Windows pale, and we rise

to start our morning chores. We work together. You feed the cat.


I make the coffee. I set our matching mugs on the kitchen counter,

your name on one, mine on the other. We shower. You carry


spiders in cupped hands to the door and release them in the roses.

I follow you and check the papaya tree. One is ripe. In the dawn,

the skin is golden. You stand by me, and we gaze at the mountain


where the sky glows. The sun soon will reach the ridge. Inside,

I bring bowls and spoons to the table. You tie the curtains back.


A cardinal lights in the kiawe tree. Our eyes open to each other.

I slice fruit on the board, and you toast the bread. I pour coffee

from a brimming pot. You drink from my cup. I drink from yours.


Eric Paul Shaffer Matching Coffee Mugs

There You Have It:

Here is a quick look at one of our new designs. Please let us know what you think in the comments! - Orange Man Bad - Anti Donald tRump Shirt

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